The Taiwan Business Association (HK) Ltd. Youth Professionals (HKTBAYP) is an affiliated organization of the Taiwan Business Association (HK) Ltd., and is also a member of the Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter (ASTCCJC).

To encourage young Taiwanese businessmen living in Hong Kong and the second generation of Taiwanese businessmen to join the Taiwan Business Association (HK) Ltd., an affiliated youth organization called the Taiwan Business Association (HK) Ltd. Youth Professionals was established.

HKTBAYP currently has more than 20 members. Members are from various industries, such as food, finance, information technology, real estate and digitalization. The current president is Mr. Allen Hsu.


  1. Strengthen the ties and cooperation of the second generation of Taiwanese businessmen, promote exchanges of business information and business opportunities, seek common career development, and actively develop the international market.
  2. Cultivate and develop the leadership and management abilities of young Taiwanese entrepreneurs to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
  3. Encourage second generation Taiwanese businessmen to participate in the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in various countries (regions), continents and the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce, and participate in their activities.
  4. Become a platform to connect the second generation of overseas Taiwanese businessmen with Taiwan, and to continue and promote economic and trade relations with Taiwan.
  5. Enhance the importance of humanities, human rights, and humanitarianism to strengthen the international image and status of Taiwanese businessmen.
  6. Deepen relations with mainstream society, strive for support for Taiwan, and help expand foreign relations.