The Taipei Business Association in Singapore – Junior Chapter (TBASJC) is an affiliated organization of the Taipei Business Association in Singapore, and is also a member of the Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter (ASTCCJC).

To encourage young Taiwanese businessmen and the second generation of Taiwanese businessmen living in Singapore to join the Taipei Business Association in Singapore, an affiliated youth organization was formed under the chairmanship of Mr. Jia-Sheng Chang. The Taipei Business Association in Singapore – Youth League was officially established in November 2010, with Mr. Jian-Hong Huang serving as the founding president. In line with the trend of global youth Taiwanese business organizations to put more emphasis on the identity of young Taiwanese businessmen, 'Youth League' was renamed 'Junior Chapter' in July 2014. Ever since TBASJC was founded, they have an established system of membership fees. Starting from the second term, TBASJC became a self-operating organization with an established system of directors and supervisors. During the fifth term, TBASJC changed their age limit from 35 to 40 years old, to be in alignment with ASTCCJC.

TBASJC currently has more than 40 members, and the numbers are growing rapidly. Members are from various industries, such as food, beauty, finance, insurance, e commerce, information technology, and chemicals. TBASJC is currently at the sixth term, with Ms. Jessica Lie as the president.

List of current and previous presidents:
第一屆 黃健宏 任期:2010年11月 - 2012年1月
First term: Mr. Jian-Hong Huang (November 2010 – January 2012)
第二屆 阮暉仁 任期:2012年1月 - 2014年1月
Second term: Mr. Edison Juan (January 2012 – January 2014)
第三屆 鄧陳繼 任期:2014年1月 - 2016年1月
Third term: Mr. Chen-Ji Deng (January 2014 – January 2016)
第四屆 王亭文 任期:2016年1月 - 2018年1月
Fourth term: Mrs. Phoebe Wang (January 2016 – January 2018)
第五屆 游皓翔 任期:2018年1月 - 2020年1月
Fifth term: Mr. Hao-Hsiang You (January 2018 – January 2020)
第六屆 李如濤 任期:2020年1月 – 至今
Sixth term: Ms. Jessica Lie (January 2020 – present)