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同時感謝僑委會童振源委員長 、亞總賴昭哲監事長與世青黃凱琳會長 特地前來台北現場給予本會讚許與勉勵!


Chief supervisor Ms. Zoe Lin also attended physically at the conference in Taipei to ensure all meeting procedures were smooth and in compliance with the association’s by-laws. At the same time, ASTCCJC would like to thank the Overseas Chinese Committee (OCAC) Minister Amb. Chen-Yuan Tung, Ph.D., ASTCC Chief supervisor Mr. Chao Tse Lai and WTCCJC president Ms. Kailin Huang for attending the conference in Taipei to give ASTCCJC praise and encouragement. ASTCCJC would like to thank all the directors, supervisors, distinguished guest, seniors, and on-site staff who participated in the meeting. With your participation, this conference was able to proceed smoothly. Wish you all peace and happiness!