WTCCJC 10th Term 3rd and 11th Term 1st Board and Members Representative Meeting

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World Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Junior Chapter Held its 10th third board and member meeting. However, due to the impact of the pandemic, the meeting was held in syncrony both though online conference and physically at Grand Hotel Taipei. Congratulations to the 10th WTCCJC president Mr. Richard Tseng for outstanding achievements over its one year term of presidency. Congratulations also to th3 10th WTCCJC Chief supervisor Mr. Charles Huang for his hard work over the year.

ASTCCJC’s 8th, 9th, and 10th presidents Mr. Edison Li, Mr. Johnson Chang and Ms. Maggie Lin jointly prepared a gift to show their appreciation towards the hard works and achievements of the 10th WTCCJC President Mr. Richard Tseng throughout his term as WTCCJC president. The gift of appreciation was presented to Mr. Richard Tseng by ASTCCJC’s 9th Chief supervisor Ms. Emily Chung and 10th chief supervisor Ms. Zoe Lin. Thank you to Mr. Richard Tseng for breaking through all difficulties even during the pandemic, allowing the meeting to proceed smoothly.