Our team

Peggy Chiang
Fany Hou
Chief Supervisor
Maggie Lin
Counselor President
Kristy Sun
Chief Financial Officer
Shirleen Hsieh
Secretary General
Carrie Lin
Deputy Secretary General
Brian Peng
Deputy Secretary General
Wei Han Lin
Deputy Secretary General

Vice President

Sam Chen
Vice President
Johnny Teng
Vice President
Wendy Chi
Vice President
Suzanne Fu
Vice President
Pauline Wei
Vice President
Momo Lin
Vice President
Jessica Lie
Vice President

Functional Committee

Kronos Wu 吳國本
ASTCCJC – Sustainable Development Committee (Chairperson)
Syoho Kyo 許少峰
ASTCCJC – Charity and Grant Committee (Chairperson)
Jamie Fan 范正一
ASTCCJC - Taiwan Friendship Committee (Chairperson)
Jaron Tsai 蔡士侖
ASTCCJC - Electoral Committee
Simpson Lin 林志緯
ASTCCJC – Business Committee (Chairperson)
Momo Lin 林南宏
ASTCCJC – By-laws Committee (Chairperson)
Tsu Yi Chang 張子奕
ASTCCJC - Publications Committee (Chairperson)
Bruno Lin 林奕丞
ASTCCJC – Network Information Committee (Chaiperson)
William Lai 賴仲威
ASTCCJC – Disciplinary Committee (Chairperson)
Casper Liu 劉昌奇
ASTCCJC - Public Affairs Committee (Chairperson)

Asia Taiwanese Chambers Of Commerce Junior Chapter