Read and Share Project -Gained support of Indonesia Taiwan Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter (ITCCJC)

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The Eslite Culture and Art Foundation started this year to call for the collection of children’s books from Southeast Asia, and invited people who travel to Southeast Asia to participate, and won the response of theIndonesia Taiwan Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter (ITCCJC). The ITCCJC cooperated with the Taiwan School in Jakarta, Indonesia to launch the “Book Collection, Passing on Love” activity during its 28th Anniversary Celebration. The three local publishing houses in Indonesia also adhere to the intention of “Donating books can help fellow Indonesians, that is, helping their own people.” They donated more than 100 books to the site, and the event raised more than 400 Indonesian documents.

There are about one million immigrants and migrant workers from Southeast Asia in Taiwan, but it is difficult to find books in their native language to explain the pain of homesickness, and they cannot share with their children. The executive director of the Eslite Culture and Arts Foundation Ms. Mi Junru, said: “Now, Parents who have moved to a foreign country can hold a book in their hometown language to read to their children. In addition to the content, what is important is the transmission of emotional and cultural aspects.”

The “Reading and Sharing Project” of the Eslite Culture and Arts Foundation has donated more than 1.9 million books to applicants over the past ten years. The Southeast Asia Book Donation Project was launched this year. Friends who have the opportunity to go to Southeast Asia are invited to bring back a few children’s books. The Eslite Bookstore Invest in the book donation box and donate it to the applicants of the reading sharing project. Zhang Yunqiao, president of the Indonesian Youth Chamber of Commerce, and Zhang Zhaoxiong, president of the Asian Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Association Youth Chamber of Commerce, also agree, so they want to extend the book-raising experience to other Asian friendship associations, and look forward to long-term participation in the Eslite Culture and Art Foundation. “Reading and Sharing Project” to raise books in Southeast Asia to pass on the care of fellow countrymen!

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