TAPYC Fund Raised and Donated Proper Protective Equipment to Urban Area Medical Workers

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Due to the continues spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines and the lack of medical resources, many medical personnel have died of COVID-19. The Taiwan Association Philippine Youth Chapter (TAPYC) spontaneously cooperated with UST graduate doctors in early April. The UST doctors formed “AUST FMS 2010” team jointly collected donations of masks and related medical protective equipment for use by multiple medical institutions, and provided resources as a backing to support the fight against the epidemic.
Ms. Shirleen Hsieh, president of the TAPYC, said that the youth chapter has been deeply involved in the Philippines for a long time and has close ties with the local overseas Chinese community and chambers of commerce in the Philippines. After the concerted efforts of Taiwanese residents in the Philippines, as of April 19, the TAPYC had raised 170,000 Philippine Pesos in a short period of time. After discussion and negotiation among the officers, in order to maximize the use of the donation, respectively ordered 3,000 medical masks, 250 medical protective clothing, 3,750 pairs of medical gloves and 500 protective masks. On the morning of April 21, accompanied by Huang Yahui, President of the Taiwanese Association of Philippines (TAP), and ASTCCJC president Ms. Shirleen Hsieh led the officers to donate the purchased medical supplies to “AUST FMS 2010”, which is expected to be delivered to the Philippine medical institution by the end of April.

The kindness of the overseas Chinese community has not fallen behind, in the severe period of the epidemic, we will show the spirit of mutual help, and use practical actions to support the hard-working medical staff on the front line, and even give full play to the concepts of #TaiwanCanHelp, #TaiwanIsHelping. The society has set a good example, and it has also called on more non-governmental forces to participate in the fight against the epidemic and tide over the current difficulties together.

Thank You Video from one of the Beneficiary :