TBASJC: Taiwan – Singapore Real Estate Seminar

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In the past year or so, with the gradual easing of the pandemic, the global real estate trend has been soaring, especially in Taiwan and Singapore, which we are familiar with. Real estate is one of the biggest investments in the journey of life. With inflation, real estate is a good hedging asset. Whether it is for self-residence or investment, it is very important to enter the market at the good time. This time, “Singapore professional real estate consultant Mumu” and “Taiwan’s local professional real estate authoritative consultant Fanny” were invited to give a joint lecture, sharing the key points and opportunities of buying real estate in Singapore and Taiwan during the interest rate hike after the pandemic, and also sharing the real estate policy in the two countries. We have also invited lawyer Zhong, who has practiced law in Singapore for more than 20 years, to share the legal notices in Singapore.

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