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Since August, the number of new cases of COVID-19 in Thailand has reached more than 20,000 per day. At this stage, the number of patients in home treatment and isolation has exceeded 100,000.

It is impossible for doctors and nurses to deliver treatment drugs or diagnose signs of life from house to house. The lives of more than 100,000 infected patients are provided by local social work organizations and rescue units in Thailand, which silently serve the confirmed patients and their families door-to-door.


Following the fundraising activity launched in July by the Thai-Taiwan Business Association Youth League (TTBAY) has successively donated materials to various rescue units in need on July 16 and July 28.

Including 6 oxygen generators, 10 blood oxygen machines, 600 packs of Paracetamol, 30 packs of ORS electrolyte, 400 packs of cough medicine, 600 packs of lozenges, 100 bottles of hand sanitizer, etc., which can be directly provided by social assistance units for home isolation treatment Of patients.

The cadres of the Youth Chamber of Commerce sent medical supplies to three local social assistance units in Thailand on August 19, 2021 as follows:

  • Zendai volunteer team
  • Food for Fighters
  • Bangkok Community Help Foundation

Thanks to the support of the Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce and the General Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, let us give back to Thailand with practical actions and show the spirit of Taiwanese enthusiasm and sharing of love.

可能是 2 個人和大家站著的圖像
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