TTBAYL : Tiger Lantern Festival

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On February 13th, the TTBAY held a parent-child activity of “Fuhu Lantern Festival”. Parents were invited to bring their children to make the “Yuanxiao” theme more enjoyable. The team carefully prepared 6 themed activities on that day. :

  1. Paper cutting
  2. Tiger Mask
  3. Paper lanterns
  4. Rub the dumplings
  5. Writing brush
  6. Mahjong game

Each event brought a lot of joy to children also evoked the childhood memories of the parents.
In addition, after the event, in addition to bringing home handicrafts made by themselves, the team also prepared red money envelopes for all the children, as well as the “Love Taiwan-Love Energy Bags” specially presented by the Overseas Chinese Committee. It was a rewarding experience, and we all spent a happy family time together.
Although we cannot go back to Taiwan to celebrate the festival with relatives and friends due to the pandemic, we hope that through this event, everyone can have an unforgettable and fulfilling Lantern Festival.