ASTCCJC 10th Term 3rd Board and Members Representative Meeting

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On July 18, afternoon, ASTCCJC had held its 10th term 3rd board and members representative meeting on Webex. Numerous distinguished guests sent their congratulations through video, including Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee (OCAC) Minister Chen Yuan Tung, ASTCC 28th Term president Ms. Shu Tien Liu, Junior Chapter Counseling Committee Chairperson Mr. Wu Fu Chen,、NiEA Youth Committee president Mr. WIlliam Hsu. Praises were given to ASTCCJC’s 10th anniversary publications and the amendments on ASTCCJC’s By-laws. President Ms. Kailin Huang and chief supervisor Ms. Kiki Tai also allotted their precious time and gave guidance throughout the meeting. During the meeting, the vice-president from each member country reported their latest activities and the current COVID pandemic situation in their country. Each committee chairperson also summarized and explained their accomplishment throughout their term in position. The meeting ended successfully!