TBASJC : Brand Creation and Strategic Management of Intellectual Property

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It is a great honor for TBASJC to be able to invite internationally renowned speakers #Madeleine and #Karen to share with everyone their expertise. Through the sharing of the speakers, TBASJC believe that everyone has gained a lot and has a deeper understanding of brands and IP intellectual property rights.
Because of everyone’s enthusiastic participation, this event was success. Your suggestions and praise are the driving force to support the continuous progress of the association. We welcome any ideas and suggestions, and leave a message below this article to exchange and learn together!
Of course, those of you who are still not satisfied, are also welcome to join the wonderful activities of the two lecturers and keep in touch, continue to study together and communicate with each other!

Madeleine Cheng
企業品牌諮詢健檢🌹 https://www.easeeglobe.com/mf-1

Karen Kao
Karen 創業 X 工作品牌🌹 https://linktr.ee/ctkaren0430