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ASTCCJC held an event with the Taiwan Design and Research Institute (TDRI) on December 5, 2020, afternoon. Through the introduction of Lin Xinbao, Deputy Dean of Taiwan Institute of Design, Understand the public sector and corporate counseling projects implemented by TDRI; Immediately afterwards, the director of Dianjing Design Han Shiguo shared the concept of circular design, Design products and packaging products through the concept of recycling and regeneration;

Finally, the manager of Thailand First Enamel Liu Jingteng shared the successful case of cooperation with TDRI, Through TDRI counseling design and packaging, assist overseas Taiwanese businessmen to sell their own brands. The one-hour event attracted more than 800 people to watch, I also hope that through this event, everyone will know more about Taiwan’s design capabilities. Welcome overseas Taiwanese businessmen to cooperate with TDRI to make products produce higher added value through design.

Watch it on our Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1g2GSJ24OM