NiEA Youth Comittee





The NiEA was established on May 17, 1972 with the guidance of the Youth Counselling Committee of the Executive Yuan. The youth entrepreneurship loan subsidy is composed of promising young entrepreneurs with successful bussiness start-ups and are enthusiastic about serving the society.

Under the guidance and cultivation of relevant government units, the new venture will gradually grow and thrive. In 1992, in response to the needs of members from counties and cities across the country, counties and cities “societies” were successively established so that members of counties and cities can participate in various activities held by the bew organizations nearby, and at the same time began to further devlope for long lasting growth.

Since 1997, the NiEA has successively promoted the registration of the associations in different counties and cities to become local associations in order to obtain subsidies for local resources and deepen the conference affairs. Now it has become a legal entity in Taiwan with the purpose of “counseling entrepreneurship, the establishment has the longest history, largest scale, the most resources, and the most experienced” in Taiwan.


In order to condenseand stregnthen the resources of the second generation entreprenuers, accelerate enterprise innovation, transformation, upgrading and succession, the NiEA first established the “Second Generation of Entrepreneurship Model Annual Forum-Young Leaders Elite Growth Camp” in 2008, which sbecame a successful platform for the second generation to network and learn from each other. In 2015, the “Entrepreneurship Model II Friendship Association” was formally established, and from year 2020, it was officially renamed the “NiEA Youth Committee”. It is hoped that through regular diversified networking activities, sharing the pulse of cross-industry trends and cross-domain innovation technology, to establish a space for mutual exchanges, networking,teaching, exploring and innovation for the second generations, and under continuous mutual improvement and self-improvement, strengthen workplace competitiveness and future succession ability, and open a broader mind and vision for your life and career.


  1. First Term : 趙國超 Founding President – Term Period: 2015 December – 2016 December
  2. Second Term : 林英傑 President – Term Period: 2016 December – 2017 December
  3. Third Term : 蘇昱榮 President – Term Period 2017 December – 2018 December
  4. Forth Term : 江彥林 President – Term Period 2018 December – 2019 December
  5. Fifth Term : 徐維謙 President – Term Period 2019 December – Present


  • Member Association
  • Corporate Visits
  • Provide related Industry information to Government
  • Platform for member Networking
  • Attending to Committee Operation
  • International Affairs Networking
  • Invite Distinguished Experts as Speakers
  • Conduct Development Camps

Member Count : 218 Members (as of May 2020)