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South Africa


The Africa Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Youth League was established in 2008, and has entered its 10th Term. The purposes of the establishment of the ATCCYL are to encourage the new generation of overseas Taiwanese businesspeople to inherit and pass on the torch and to join the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in different regions of the world, to use an innovative mindset and a global perspective to connect overseas youths to promote organizational affairs, and, in turn, to enhance the development of international trade and economic relations. Last but not least, to direct the ATCCYL into local mainstream societies to achieve the sustained continuous development for the Africa Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce.

Past and Current TCCLAJC Presidents

    1. The 1st Term: President Michael Sun, term of office: 2008-2009
    2. The 2nd Term: Christopher Wang, term of office: 2009-2010
    3. The 3rd Term: Michael Chen, term of office: 2010-2012
    4. The 4th Term: Allan Hsu, term of office: 2012-2014
    5. The 5th Term: Allan Hsu, term of office: 2014-2016
    6. The 6th Term: Raymond Hsu, term of office: 2016-2017
    7. The 7th Term: Andy Yang, term of office: 2017-2018
    8. The 8th Term: Barry Fang, term of office: 2018-2019
    9. The 9th Term: Barry Fang, term of office: 2019-2020
    10. The 10th Term: David Ye, term of office: 2020-Current

    Distribution of the Junior Chapter in various regions:
    The ATCCYL is affiliated with the local Africa Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce; therefore, no other Junior Chapter branch is established.